I’ve trained at this gym for many years and now my son (8) trains there too. It’s a gym that caters for everyone, with a top level fight team and families all training under the same roof. The instructors are all experienced and friendly with an “arrive as a client, leave as a friend” approach to everyone that walks through their door.


Amazing gym with equally brilliant staff. No matter what age, gender or skill level, you will be made to feel welcome and find a class that suits you.

Great atmosphere created by the staff who always take the time to get to know you.
Would 100% recommend this gym to anyone.


I’ve been training at Powers Martial Arts every week for the last 12 years and enjoy it every time I go there. The staff are polite, professional and have a varied skill set including Fitness, Martial Arts and Self defence. They can tailor every session to your requirements so every week is different. Thanks Guys


I always wanted to go to a boxing gym but in my mind thought they looked too manly, one day I went with my sister and Wow I felt like I was part of there family from day one, it was so welcoming from Paul and sue the owners and the team were just amazing and I honestly felt so welcomed into the gym so that was it and it became a weekly thing and they really are the best trainers.

Times where we had no childcare but then told, bring the kids to your session and we will adapt it with the kids getting involved too, now the kids absolutely love it too. I’ve slipped recently but how much I have missed the gym and my boxing family but I will be back next week and of course the dogs I missed who are so friendly just like the powers team. If you want to improve your fitness for you or as a family then get yourself along as it’s by far the best thing I ever did. I’m stronger, fitter and mentally helped massively too. I can’t thank the team enough for kicking my arse but was also made fun too.


I can not recommend Powers Martial Arts enough.

I’ve climbed at a decent level for 25 years, but always wanted to explore something different, something that would present a new challenge both mentally and physically.

In 2015 I started training K1 once a week and I was immediately hooked. I now train twice a week in a private group session coached by Alex MacKenzie. In this time I have learned so much and my strength, fitness and skills have increased exponentially. Its the hardest thing I’ve ever done and yet easily the most rewarding – its definitely the challenge I was looking for.

The gym is friendly and down to earth and there’s no ego’s. You could be working with regional, UK and World Champions and there’s also a team of extremely experienced fitness and wellbeing coaches.

So if you want to get fitter, learn new skills, grade or even compete at the very highest level, Paul Powers, Alex MacKenzie and everyone at this first class gym will be very happy to help.


From my initial contact with the owner, Paul Powers (August 2005) and a lengthy conversation about the type of training, both myself and my son Jack (aged 5yrs) would like to try, an initial appointment was arranged to view the facilities. From the very first five minutes in the gym, all my doubts were laid to rest as all the training staff made myself and especially Jack very welcome.

Training began the next week, and with great encouragement and enthusiasm to Jack and myself, the session passed very quickly. Another session was immediately booked for the same time the following week.

After 12 months of training, my daugther , Amy (aged 10 yrs) came to a training session when Jack was ill, as with Jack, Amy took to the first session immediately and has also now become a regular weekly visitor to the gym.

The gym has a very unique family atmosphere, which I have never encounted before, and would not hesitate in recommending any families / younger members, wishing to start Self Defense / Fitness Training.

Both myself, Amy and Jack have been training weekly at the gym for over two years. Due to our weekly visits we have grown to know all of the personal trainers which we now class as our very good friends!



I’ve been training in K1 kickboxing with Paul and the team for 10 years. It’s without doubt one of the best things I’ve ever done and it’s great for fitness, confident and self defence.

The training is hard work, but that’s the point. With Paul’s guidance and expertise I’ve been able to pass my Black grading, an achievement that I’m immensely proud of.

I’d recommend Power’s Gym to anyone, the entire team will make you feel really welcome and if you give it a try I’m sure you’ll be hooked. It may seem an intimidating sport to get into, but Power’s is nothing like that. It’s a really friendly gym with a bunch of men, women and kids of all ages and experience.



Sheffield is so fortunate to have such an amazing martial arts gym run by the great Paul Powers, he runs a strong, focused and client friendly centre for the learning and development of martial arts, always greeted as friends. Paul and his team offer such opportunities for all of us to progress and become the best we can, it is a place of consistency, true values and friendship .
I could certainly wax lyrical for many more paragraphs about the quality of Powers gym but mentioning there record in tournaments, gradings to black belts, the titles, the world championships and the reputation is the easier path ..!
One thing for me is the welcome extended to everyone, no matter you’re age or standard or qualities, it’s the same just really good, kind and very very professional.
The most important thing to me in my life are my two sons, there safety and enjoyment is total, paramount and defining, my two boys love going to Powers gym and are developing very well.
I honestly believe this is the place to go in the North of England if you are keen to be involved with the best.
The range of classes and options are fantastic and it’s all good, simple as that.
Thank you