If you are a complete beginner or a more advanced student of the Martial Arts I would like to welcome you to our school. Whether your interest lies in purely fitness/weight loss or you would like to gain your black belt and even compete in tournaments I am sure you will find success with our training methods.

We welcome new students all the time, male and female from the ages 4 upwards. Everyone is made welcome and trained by professional instructors with huge experience in the Martial Arts.


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Owner of Powers Martial Arts Centre. (K1, SDF) 5th DAN kickboxing (BFKKO), 5th DAN multi-skilled self defence (SDF), 2nd DAN WADO RYU karate (BSK) & Personal safety instructor (TI) Level 2 gym instructor. Over 50 years experience in martial arts.

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    Voluntary advisor, World K1 Kickboxing Champion BFKKO/WFKKO, Intercontinental, European & British Champion, 2nd Dan Blackbelt K1 Kickboxing, Level 3 Personal Trainer, S/C Coach, 1st Dan Black Belt Self Defence Federation.

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      Voluntary K1 Kickboxing Coach/Advisor, K1 Kickboxing World, European, British, English and Area BFKKO/WFKKO Champion

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        Brennan Dip, Hyp, MHA

        Brad is our sports motivational speaker and Hypnotherapist. Available to our clients and general public

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          Burbeary  MSc, CSCS

          Powers Martial Arts and Personal Trainers inc Consultant Nutritionist and Available for consultations to our clients and the general public

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            Full Time Instructor, Amateur MMA and K1 Kick Boxing Fighter, 1st Dan Blackbelt Kickboxing, Junior Fight Squad Head Coach, MMA/K1 Coach