This system is not exercise-based so your fitness levels are not important. The system works for most people, fit or unfit. The system is suitable for men and women; however, the more advanced skills are only targeted at adults.

Our aim is to offer our clients a real answer to real life situations with skills and techniques that work outside the gym. The system will teach you to protect yourself whether you are standing, on the ground, out-numbered or threatened with weapons.

Sessions are tailored to each individual, which may vary from children being bullied, members of the general public who would like to be able to protect themselves if attacked and specific skills for self-defence, through to professionals in the security industry who may require advanced skills and techniques.

Skills & techniques that work outside the gym in real life situations where there are no rules. Simple but effective skills that anyone can do with practice including weapon defence training!


  • Basic knowledge of self-defence legislation
  • Basic risk assessment skills
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Evaluation and correct response skills
  • Basic breakaway techniques
  • Basic strikes and blows
  • Advanced strikes and blows
  • Control and restraint skills
  • Ground skills
  • Use of everyday items to defend yourself
  • Weapons defence techniques

Before any physical skills are attempted we always recommend the following methods.

1. EVASION, 2. DE-ESCALATION, 3. PHYSICAL SKILLS as a last resort and should only be carried out using reasonable force.

Please call 07831 763688 to book in advance by text only. Classes and private lessons available.