Tuition by Dan Gibbon – Pro Fighter and European MMA Champion and by Shaun Weston. You can train to compete or just to learn this amazing sport. Men, Women & Children welcome!All our clients practising MMA will firstly be taught K1 Kickboxing for their stand-up, followed by takedowns and ground work (unless you already have stand-up skills).

We have a wide range of MMA equipment to help you train. MMA is ideal for fitness and self-defence. Should you wish to compete we can train you up for that too!

Class times

Mondays 8:00pm with Shaun Weston

Thursdays 8:30pm with Shaun Weston

Saturdays 2:30pm with Dan Gibbon

Please call 07831 763688 if it is your first session to confirm above times and dates.

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