Tuition by by World , European, Intercontinental, British and Area Champions

Our clients range from 4-64 years old, both male and female, and from total beginners to more experienced martial artists.

Training is tailored to meet your own goals. Whether you're unfit, new to exercise or experienced and with a high level of fitness, we will help you to achieve your targets. K1 Kickboxing is ideal for fitness, confidence building, self defence, stress relief and much more.

For those who want a little bit extra, you can progress through the grading system starting at white and eventually reaching black tag, with the potential to become an instructor yourself. For those interested in competing we are able to train you firstly to fight in our inter-club competitions, then in local through to international competitive events. Anyone who fights representing the centre will be given free squad training sessions prior to any competition.

Important: Nobody is pressured into grading, competing or even sparring. We respect all our clients' wishes and will train you the way you enjoy.

Class Times:

Monday 6:00pm, Thai Pad Class

Monday 7:00pm, K1 Kickboxing Bag Class

Thursday 7:30pm, K1 Kickboxing Bag Class

Please call 07831 763688 if it is your first session to confirm above times and dates.